How This Nursery Went From 60% Capacity And Strugging To Break Even To “ChockaBlock” And Highly Profitable In Under Seven Months.

Nursery owner Nick Williams was struggling to fill his Midlands nursery, and he was losing money every single month…

It was a warm, sticky June afternoon back in 2014 when I first met Nick. It wasn’t a chance meeting, but it ended up being one of those moments that we’d both look back on as a ‘turning point’.

If you’re a nursery owner, then it’s a moment that’s important for you too.

Because from that moment forward, two things happened:

  • Nick’s nursery experienced massive growth, with more occupancy, more revenue and more profit.
  • I developed a blueprint that enabled children’s nurseries all over the UK to generate more leads, convert more customers and make more money.

This letter will show you how you can do the same as Nick: experience massive growth via a marketing-focused website that actually brings you customers. If you’re serious about your children’s nursery, it’ll be well worth your time.

Anyway, back to the story:

Nick owned a beautiful children’s nursery in north Birmingham. He’d set “Fairytales Nursery” up with his wife back in 2012 with a simple goal: to provide exceptional childcare for children in the surrounding area.

They’d decided to take the plunge because they’d struggled to find childcare for their children that they were happy with, and they realised that their area badly needed an alternative.

And the people whose kids went there loved it. The trouble was, there weren’t enough of them.

When we met, the nursery was only at 60% capacity, and because Nick’s business model was built on it being fuller than that, he was losing money, every single month.

Things were pretty bleak. With no new customers coming through the door, and no new leads, Nick needed to do something pretty sharpish.

That’s when we met up.

Nick knew that his website wasn’t bringing him anything, and he knew that if that could change, everything would. So he sought me out.

He’d had a couple of bad experiences with web designers in the past, which made him nervous about making an investment again, but we had a chat, he outlined his goals to me and I told him that I was pretty confident we could drastically improve the amount of leads coming into his nursery.

After looking at Nick’s existing site, I realised why he wasn’t getting any leads – it had been built by a designer focused completely on aesthetics, and not at all on marketing.

In truth, that’s one of the biggest problems with “web designers”. They get fixated on the way things look, and get so preoccupied with style that they forget about function.

Anyway, we got to work, improving the site’s look, but just as importantly, turning his website into a marketing-focused, lead generation machine.

As well as adding multiple calls to action, we added several data capture points, and hooked all that into an email marketing tool that allowed Nick to automatically follow up on new leads.

In our conversations, Nick had made it clear that what he needed were people to register for “showarounds” – he knew that if he could get people into the nursery, he’d convert eight in every 10 – so we ensured that the website, and all the follow up marketing pushed leads towards that eventuality.

Once we’d got the website as marketing focused as possible (whilst still being beautiful, we are designers after all!), we worked on his traffic, helping Fairytales Nursery up the Google rankings with advanced SEO techniques and harnessing the power of Google Adwords to drive hot leads into our lead generation machine.

What happened?

Well, in September 2014 (just two months after our initial conversation) the nursery was at 72% capacity – 12% up on that figure in June, and much closer towards Nick’s target.

And it didn’t end there. We weren’t going to be satisfied until we met Nick’s goals, so we kept working hard, and in January 2015, just over six months after Nick first came to us, something very special happened:

Just six months after the website went live,

Fairytales Nursery was now at full capacity.

The website had generated 42 requests for parent packs, 12 requests to check availability, 25 enquiries about the free funded places and 32 showaround requests, and the result of all this interest: a full nursery, and a happy Nick!

In fact, with the nursery full, Nick was forced to start turning people away – by end of January he had 11 families on the waiting list, ensuring that if he ever lost a customer, he’d easily be able to replace them.

Here’s what Nick said about his website’s six month makeover:

'We now have a packed Nursery every day'
We now have a packed Nursery every day since having our website rebuilt - It was Matt's design and conversion advice that has seen our website contacts go through the roof. Our marketing lists have grown massively and we now have a packed Nursery every day thanks to him and what he helped us to achieve with our website.

The team are also very helpful :)
Nick Williams - Fairytale's Nursery
The story doesn’t end there…

Soon, Nick’s website became notorious within the nursery community. It won a few awards, and before long we had calls from nurseries all over the UK asking us to help them with their website, and do what we’d done for Nick.

So we did. And just like the Fairytales Nursery website, our marketing-focused approach has been highly successful, transforming the occupancy of a number of UK nurseries.

However, one of the things we realised was that not every nursery can afford a marketing focused website professionally built for them from scratch.

Generally speaking, for a brand new bespoke website, you’re looking at a minimum investment of around £3,500, with many websites costing up to £8,000 each.

For most nurseries, that figure just isn’t possible. And when I saw that most nurseries simply couldn’t afford the one thing that would be able to generate them the results they needed, I knew that something had to change.

I knew that I needed to provide something to UK nurseries that would help them to get more customers, generate more profit and build their businesses without having to break the bank to do so.

So I sat down with my team, and came up with something.

And that’s the day that Nursery Success Club was born. ☺

Here’s how it works:

When you become part of the Nursery Success Club, you get access to your very own purpose-built, marketing-focused site, inspired by Nick’s award-winning Fairytales Nursery website. We’ll ensure that it looks awesome on mobile, we’ll connect your social media profiles to it and make sure that you’re all set up for email marketing.

You don’t need to lift a finger. Come on board, and just a few days weeks you’ll have a beautiful, marketing-focused website that you can use to fill your nursery.

Now, let’s make one thing clear. We know that a website isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s really important, but the way to supercharge it is to combine it with the right marketing, it’ll only get you so far.

That’s why every single member of the Nursery Success Club has unlimited access to the Nursery Success Vault – an online resource centre packed full of valuable training to help you improve your marketing and your business as a whole.

When you become a Nursery Success Club member, you’ll get:
  • A beautifully designed, marketing focused and mobile responsive website, built using a proven, highly successful and exclusive template
  • Reliable web hosting so you can be sure that your prospects will find your website AND be able to use it.
  • Connection to your email marketing tools, enabling you to automatically follow up on the leads generated from your website
  • Connection to your social media profiles, helping you to push prospects into your marketing funnel
  • Membership of our online community – we’re only allowing one nursery per area into the club, so you won’t have other nurseries treading on your toes with the same website or the same marketing. Instead, you’ll be able to share with other nursery owners in different areas of the country via our private Facebook group. You can share best practice, understand what’s working for other people right now, and importantly, get support and an ‘arm around your shoulder’ when things are tough.

That last point is important. We know what it’s like a running a business and how lonely it can be at times, and how under pressure you are to increase occupancy to create income you need for yourself and the people you care about.

That’s what Nursery Success Club is all about – giving nursery owners the tools they need to truly thrive and take their nurseries to the next level. If your occupancy isn’t where you want it to be right now, or you’re ambitious and know that marketing will help you get where you want to be, the Club is absolutely the right place for you.

What’s the investment?

Given that when you join Nursery Success Club you’re getting a beautiful and effective website, capable of generating high numbers of leads and increasing the capacity the nursery, you could expect to part with a substantial amount of cash to join.

After all, the average price for a marketing focused website is around £4,000.

But, as I mentioned, we launched Nursery Success Club to provide an alternative to nurseries who can’t afford or justify that sort of investment, and that’s why you’ll be delighted to know that you can become a member of Nursery Success Club and get your very own proven marketing-focused website for as little as £145 a month inc VAT.

And when you consider that generating just one extra customer for your nursery will likely cover your investment four times over, it makes it an extremely sound investment.

Use your website to get just one more customer, and your investment is covered, every single month, for as long as that customer stays a customer.

I look forward to helping your nursery to grow,


Matt Eldridge, Owner at Nursery Success Club